recumbent exercise bikeThe fitness craze has taken over the country, but some of us are not able to do the things we once did. While bike riding has proven to be a very effective cardio workout, the required positioning is not kind to someone who has a bad back. For this reason, recumbent bikes are recommended when a person has any kind of back problems. See the comparison of best recumbent bikes on Best Fitness Advisor for additional information.

The natural position for bike riding has the rider slightly bent over their handlebars. The back should remain straight, using the core to maintain proper riding posture. Even though the core takes the brunt of the stress, the back still needs to be strong in order to maintain proper form. If a person has a bad disk or has had some type of surgery, maintaining this position can cause significant pain.

However, not all is lost. By using a recumbent exercise bike, the same great workout can be had without the back experiencing any pain or stress. The legs will still receive an incredible workout and most importantly, the heart gets its cardio workout for the day. There is little doubt that recumbent exercise bikes have made it possible for tens of thousands of people suffering from back injuries to be able to enjoy their favorite hobby.

An important thing to be aware of when using this type of bike for exercise is the pedal and seat positioning. The rider needs to transition their upright position to the recumbent position. While seated, adjust the seat so the knee is only slightly bent, just like a normal riding position, when the pedal is at its furthest point. This will create the same motion the rider experiences when riding a standard bicycle.

If you want to get your bike-riding workout but have been experiencing some pain, try a recumbent bike. In case you have not noticed, most gyms have actually foregone using standard exercise bikes and are now filling their gyms with recumbent bikes. As long as you adjust your seat position to replicate the same knee bend you would have while seated on a standard bike, you will receive all the benefits of the ride without experiencing pain and discomfort in your back.

Sportsart recumbent bikeA Sportsart recumbent exercise bike is a top of the line, high-end piece of exercise equipment. No other recumbent exercise bike is as comfortable as these state of the art bicycles. They’re so comfortable to sit on that it shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that you might even give up you’re favorite easy chair. Well, maybe that’s not true, but at least exercising on a recumbent bike will become a very comfortable experience, just watch out if you fall asleep. Sportsart fitness machines are for the demanding bikers that don’t shy away from getting a monster machine with all the features. A quality exercise stationary bike is as easy as it gets when it comes to owning home fitness equipment.

A bicycle doesn’t have to be a clinking piece of rusting metal that insults your anatomy. Make it pleasant, make it soothing, make exercising a relaxing experience. That’s what sportsart seems to be doing, way beyond simply putting together a box with some pedals, sportsart makes sure you’re being treated like a king. A recumbent exercise bike is one thing, a sportsart recumbent bicycle is another. If recumbent bicycles are comfortable, sporstart bikes are relaxing thrones of nurturing balance. Just log on to an online retailer and take a peek at the fabulous screenshots of equipment manufactured by this company.

Besides from providing the best seat in the house, these cycles keep track of your progress

Being comfortable while you exercise is just one of the perks that these bicycles offer. As you’re lying back on the recumbent model, you can rest in peace of mind that you’ll be able to track your progress to the last detail. With dot matrix display monitors you can set up yourself for some challenging feats of biking while you healthfully cycle to higher levels of self-domination.

Enjoy the silence of good biking with Vision fitness recumbent bikes

Vision fitness recumbentIf you’re one of those train-at-home types then you’ll appreciate vision fitness recumbent bikes. Vision fitness set out to create the world’s quietest recumbent bikes and they did it, being pioneers of the now widely used friction free magnetic resistance. This advanced mechanism allows the biker to watch TV or read a bike without any type of perturbing noise that would come from the obsolete belt mechanism. Apart from fitness bikes, Vision also builds treadmills and ellipticals, but their true strength is bicycles, having won XXX awards for their bike models:E3200HRT, R2200HRT Semi-recumbent, and E4000 dual action, we can suppose that these guys know their business.

It’s interesting to note that Vision fitness builds semi-recumbent bikes, and they do this because they know this position offers the best workout muscle stimulation for the legs. These bikes work the quadriceps, gluteus and hamstring muscles, very important areas to consider if you should want to work on your butt and thighs. Not only does a vision fit bike allow you to develop your leg muscles, it’s also a convenient vehicle for reducing fat through aerobic training. The best way to make your muscles visible, for example a “six pack” is to drop body fat as you do with constant biking.

Commercial or home use?

Another important thing to consider is that Vision fitness equipment manufactures both bikes for the home and bikes for the gym. If you’re going to be using a fitness cycle for commercial use, then make sure you get the specific models that are designed for heavy use. Additionally, all bikes have two type of warrantees depending if you’re using the bicycle in the privacy of your home or if you’re going to use it for commercial purposes. The commercial warrantee usually lasts shorter because of the heavier use it implies.