Tunturi F30

Throughout this site you’ll find lots of recumbent exercise bike reviews. However, this particular recumbent exercise bike review focuses in on the Tunturi F30 magnetic semi recumbent exercise bike. The unique feature that separates this bike from the rest is its semi recumbent nature. While in this position you get to bike with your legs higher than on an upright exercise bike, improving blood circulation. On the other hand, this sitting position is also a bit higher than traditional recumbents, making them less constrictive and easy to mount on. By the end of this review you’ll get to know what other features the Tunturi F30 shows off.

First off, let’s review the resistance mechanism. Poly V belt and frictionless magnetic resistance combine for smooth biking action. This makes setting resistance levels quite fool-proof, guaranteeing that you’ll exercise at a perfectly steady pace. Having reviewed resistance, let’s check out monitor read-outs. The F30 semi recumbent bike lets you know distance, speed, time, calories per minute, total calories burned and pulse through it’s user friendly digital monitor. This way you can keep your exercising motivation to the max, knowing where you are and where you want to get to.

The Tunturi F30 draws upon an ergonomically engineered design

The bike’s uniquely designed two-piece ergonomic seat makes it convenient and comfortable for people of all types to bike on. This is especially true for the elderly or the rehab rider who needs the extra comfort for one reason or another. Besides, you can adjust the bike’s seat higher or lower depending on your personal needs. The semi recumbent bike position also allows for the exerciser to manipulate objects with his or her hands very easily. This means that you can use dumbbells for upper conditioning, while exercising the lower body by means of pedaling.