Classic British Sports Cars

The debate about which country was producing the best, the most popular, the most sought-after classic sports cars before 1970 will continue to be intensive as it has been for years. So here’s a video about affordable Classic British Sports Cars by Paul Dierschow and his excellent team:

By some estimates, in the heyday of the British sports cars manufacturing industry, the UK counted over one thousand cottage car construction sites. Of course, you’re familiar with like Austin-Healey, Triumph, Aston-Martin, Sunbeam, MG, MINI, and Jaguar. These are, however, just the proverbial tip of the sports car producing iceberg in the UK.

Regardless of what you think of German, Italian, Japanese, American, British, or even French may have built the best or most beautiful sports cars in those days, the fact of the matter is that  Great Britain undoubtedly has produces a few of the best and most sought-after classic sports cars the world has ever seen in terms of styling, build quality, performance, and innovative features.

If you take into account that the Aston Martin sports cars were cherished by 007 James Bond in so many of his films and that the AC Bristol was loved so much by Carroll Hall Shelby, the renown American racing driver, automotive designer, and entrepreneur. Mr. Shelby is known for co-producing the legendary AC Cobra in the 1960s and later his involvement with developing the Mustang together with the Ford Motor Company.

This is well indicating that the British automakers of those days were doing absolutely more than a couple of things the right way. For many people, the English Jaguar E-Type is their favorite classic English sports car and it must be said, there’s hardly any sexier classic car out there than the Jaguar XKE Convertible with its timeless design that looks still extraordinary from all angles today. Much more affordable and easier maintainable is, for example, the Austin-Healey Sprite Mark III but some people can afford an MKE Convertible… Wish I could.

Well, the British Jaguar E-Type, Jaguar XKE Convertible, or the James Bond Aston Martin are maybe a bit out of reach financially, but there still are some very affordable alternatives on the market today that won’t break the bank for maintenance as well. As you’ll see, two Austin-Healey models (the 3000 and the Sprite) are in our favorite’s list so may say we’re a little biased and to be honest, yes we are. Check out also this post about the 1960 model of the Austin-Healy 3000, probably the most valued and best known of the big Austin-Healeys.

These days, Great Britain boasts lots of amazing top-notch sports cars and the country is proud of designing and building epic cars by brands like Noble, Mclaren, Caterham, or Ariel Atom. Well, all depends, of course, on what kind of car lover you are, and not everyone can afford to own and maintain a Jaguar or McLaren, but having a beautiful Austin-Healy like the Sprite Mark II is also a pleasure. Just take a look at what we think are the most desirable British sports cars that were ever made though we are aware this is just a personal opinion and we welcome yours!

Jaguar XKE, years: 1961–1974

Largest Engine: V12-5.3L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Coventry, Great Britain

Austin Healey 3000, years: 1959-1967

Largest Engine: Inline 6, 2.9L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Abingdon, Great Britain
Take a look at this stunning 1967 Austin Healey Mk3 Phase 2 LHD Top Gear Test Drive Video:

Austin Healey Sprite, years: 1958-1971

Largest Engine: Inline 4, 1.3L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Abingdon, Great Britain
For more information on the Austin-Healey Sprite “Bugeye”, click here.

Morgan Plus 4, years: 1950-1961

Largest Engine: Inline 4, 2.1L
Front Mid Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Malvern, Great Britain (Worcestershire)

Triumph Spitfire, years: 1962-1980

Largest Engine: Inline 4, 1.3L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Canley, Great Britain (Coventry)

MGA Roadster, years: 1955-1962

Largest Engine: Inline 4, 1.6L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Abingdon, Great Britain

AC Ace, years: 1953-1963

Largest Engine: Inline 6, 2.6L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in W. Norwood, London, Great Britain

Aston Martin DB5, years: 1963-1965

Largest Engine: Inline 6, 4.0L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Buckinghamshire, Great Britain

Bentley 4.5 Litre “Bentley Blower”, years: 1927-1931

Largest Engine: Inline 4, 4.4L Supercharged
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Cricklewood, Great Britain

Lotus Elite, years: 1958-1963

Largest Engine: Inline 4, 1.2L
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Made in Filton, Great Britain

In this post, I left out Austin-Healey’s 100 model as I prefer the 3000 and the Sprite models. However, if you own a 100, be proud you own a classic British car like that. The 100 was introduced at the 1952 Motor Show and contained a stunning body designed by Donald Healey and his Motor Company and included an Austin engine that previously had been used in Austin’s A90 Atlantic model and light trucks. Treasure your treasure!

Summer is approaching rapidly, so get you classic British automobile ready for some great driving in the beautiful spring and summer months. Have fun!

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