What Kind Of Car Lover Are You?

Chuck and I got involved in our first car club when we lived in Rochester and had our Austin-Healey 100, besides a Corvette. We had a blast. Met a great bunch of people, did a ton of events. In fact, I can still remember our first event. It was a car rally and Chuck and I got the second place trophy with the Austin-Healey. However, like any group, we had cliques. Now, don’t get mad at me for the monikers that are coming. They have been around a long time and I didn’t make them up. So let’s see, what kind of car lover are you?

All of the following groups love their cars, just each in a different way. First, there are the polishers. Their cars are pristine. They will use toothbrushes to get their batteries cleaned. I mean you could eat a meal off their engines. You won’t find a spec of dust on the outside, inside of their cars, and inside includes the engine and trunk.

The racers believe in a clean and polished car, however, their main concern is POWER. They want to get the most they can from their engines. It is all about having the fastest car!

Funny aside, when Chuck and I went to the NCCC convention they were giving away an LT1 engine and when the polisher at our table won it, you had to hear the racers. We wished him the best but told him we were jealous, and we were. Would have loved to put that baby in our Austin-Healey and put it in our other sports and fun car, the Corvette. For more about the history of the Austin-Healey Sprite (1962-67), check out this post. 

Then we have the groups who believe street rods, hot rods, muscle cars, or antiques are the way to go. There are also those who believe in all original, no changes. However, you also have another group that doesn’t worry about it, as long as the car is what they want.

We love to keep our Austin-Healey 100 a nice clean and polished car, while we would like matching numbers and all original, and if an aftermarket part is warranted we will use it. To Chuck and I, it is about having fun with the car. We want to drive it, not trailer it. However, we always have believed in the motto “to each his own” and respect other people’s opinions.

One thing we all have in common is the love of cars and that is all that is important.

Covers for Vintage Vehicles

Hard to Find Protection for Collectible Cars

Some cars, like the original Austin-Healey Sprite “Bugeye”, require extra special protection. If you have a restored vehicle or an old car that’s been in process for several years, a good car cover will give it the protection it deserves. Antique cars need covers to keep them from rusting, and to keep rain and dust off of expensive paint jobs. Classic cars can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, and they need to be covered in storage and in transit.

Cars stored indoors need felt covers to keep dust off paint, or garage debris off the windows and away from exterior treatments like wax and paint. For cars stored outdoors, or ones that are going to be outside for a car show, 4 layer protection like Noah, Evolution, or Stormproof fabric is necessary. Covers for classic and antique cars don’t have to be heavy, but they do have to protect against unpredictable weather, including mist, drizzle, dust, leaves, and bugs.

Make sure you order a cover that fits your car and any modifications that have been made since its assembly. Spoilers, ground effects, headlights, fender flares, and even tail lights may not be OEM equipment, and custom covers will be too tight. You can read more about the history of Austin-Healey in this article.

British Car Service

British Car Service Inc specializes in Austin-Healey, MG, Triumph, and early Jaguars. They have been servicing, repairing and restoring British cars for 37 years. They have a large supply of used parts to include body, mechanical and interior parts primarily MG. “Competent work at a fair Price” is the company’s motto.

Recent restorations include 2 Austin Healy 3000′s, 2 MG A’s, an Austin-Healey Sprite Mark III, and several MG B’s. The company specializes in cars that have been out of service for many years and return them to enjoyable and dependable motoring. You can contact British Car Service at all times with your request.

When you’re looking for that specific part for your car for repairs, or when you’re looking to restore your British Automobile, you’ve come to the right place!
British Car Service, Inc., Powhatan Commercial Center
2410 New Dorsett Circle, Powhatan, VA 23139, Phone: (804) 598-2511

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