Lifecore LC1000RB Are you still looking for the right and the most comfortable way to exercise that can give a more what you need for a daily work out? Well, the wait is over. Here comes the new Lifecore LC1000RB recumbent exercise bike that can certainly soothe your body like clouds, while dealing with a cardio exercises. It will definitely relieve all the muscle tension and works out in toning it.


  • Compact 44-Inch Step-Through Design
  • Adjustable Mesh Seat Back
  • Adjustable Seat Pad tilt
  • 5″ Pedal Spacing
  • Wireless HRC with chest strap included
  • Warranty: 7-years Parts, 1-year Labor
  • Product Dimensions: 44 x 29.5 x 42 inches
  • Console: 12 Preset Programs, Heart Rate Control, User Program, Watt Dependent Program
  • 4 User ID’s
  • Polar Compatible Heart Rate Programs
  • Brilliant Console Display

Lifecore LC1000RB Display

The LC1000RB is designed in a compact 44-inch step-through, being the smallest stationary bike at the industry. Now you can save a space at your home even having an exercising bike inside. Even being the smallest, it’s durability neither its sturdiness is a question. It is still of the toughest recumbent bike.

A new recumbent exercise bike has improved seat, an adjustable Mesh Seat back, wherein you can adjust your seat into a more soothing manner. A mesh looks like a net and the good thing with is that, it’s breathable and promotes ventilation at the seat. It’s great because with a mesh, it’s nevertheless, gives comfort to the back and on the bottom seat and that one can be tilted when adjusted.

The computer console consists of 12 preset programs that you can choose every time you work out, a heart rate control which regulates you heart rate and evaluates heart when its getting stronger or weaker upon the work out. You can also store previous sessions of work outs in the console and you can save a multiple users at a time and just load it whenever you will have the work out so that it is easy to customize your work outs. The console clearly shows the time you set, the distance, the rpm, the speed and the amount of calories burned.


  1. Gives more space inside the house by its compact 44-inch design
  2. It has a favorable seat because it can easily adjusted and its comfortable
  3. The computer console has a clear visualization of the information and it’s very understandable.
  4. It stores up to 4 users at the console
  5. It has more wheels that any other recumbent bike to have an easy and convenient way of moving it from around the house.


  1. There is no on and off switch on the display monitor so you are likely to change batteries every so often.
  2. Pre-setting or pre-programming your settings can be challenging given the lack of instructions provided in the user guide on how to do so.

As a sum up, this is one of the most convenient exercising machines in the industry. And I should say that even the pricing is worth.